By delegation of the national Government and in accordance with Law 9 of 1991, Chapter XIII of Decree 1165 of 2019, provisions of Decree 1714 of 2009 of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, and Regulatory Resolution No. 05 of 2015 of the National Coffee Growers Committee, the FNC is the entity in charge of keeping the National Register of Coffee Exporters and establishing the requirements for registration of roasters, millers and soluble coffee factories in Colombia.

How to export coffee?

To export coffee in Colombia, you must meet and know the current regulations, be registered as an exporter before the FNC and access the Coffee Portal. You can export coffee by sea, land or air or through courier for small quantities.


Export of coffee in small quantities

The FNC developed a simplified export procedure so that any natural person or legal entity, prior registration as a coffee exporter, can use this option with postal companies or couriers.

Colombian coffee suppliers

Get to know the companies that are certified to market Café de Colombia. Keep in mind that for marketing Colombian coffee in certain countries, it is necessary to meet the PGI/PDO requirements for a product such as our coffee.

Require your supplier to comply with the rules to ensure an authentic Café de Colombia.

Green Coffee

Roasted Coffee

Soluble or Instant Coffee

Freeze dried Coffee

100% Colombian coffee

registered brands

This register ensures that the packaging content is 100% Café de Colombia, without coffee from other origins mixed therein. Look for the Café de Colombia logo on the packaging.

Coffee export in small quantities


Colombian coffee suppliers

Trademarks 100% Colombian Coffee