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Sustainable Strategy

At the FNC we seek to make coffee, in the short, medium and long term, a profitable business that contributes to the economic and social development of coffee-growing families, always favoring protection of natural resources.

Our sustainability proposition is developed in four fundamental dimensions, each with a specific strategic objective:

Economic dimension

Environmental dimension

Social dimension

Governance dimension

Sustainable development goals

Along with a materiality update, we also analyzed our contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). After a review of the SDGs, the national goals established in Conpes 3918 of March 15, 2018 and the actions and programs carried out, contributions were identified in 15 of the 17 goals, which were related to the material topics defined in the previous exercise. The following figure shows which SDGs we are contributing to.

We implement projects

with excellence

Because of the FNC effectiveness and transparency in managing and implementing development projects, national and international organizations see us as a strategic partner, channeling important resources for projects that impact the four dimensions of our value creation strategy. This has allowed us to substantially leverage our own resources with those from other sources to further enhance this management. 

In 2018 we created the Projects Factory, where innovation, project structuring and management of partnerships with third parties converge for financing and realizing initiatives that contribute to the FNC value creation strategy. The partnerships are managed nationally and internationally with public and private actors, not only to raise funds, but to access intangibles such as new knowledge and capacity to influence key issues in the coffee sector.


Some strategic partners with whom we work closely to bring well-being to Colombian coffee growers are:

Develop projects with us

Marcela Gaviria Botero

International Partnership Advisor


Calle 73 # 8-13, Tower B – Floor 8

PBX: (57+1) 3136600 EXT: 1467

Yenny Velásquez Alzate

Public-Private Partnership Advisor


Calle 73 # 8-13, Tower B – Floor 8

PBX: (57+1) 3136600 EXT: 1766

Sustainability Report 2015-2018