The FNC portfolio represents the work, effort and dedication of over 500,000 families, with wonderful stories, that produce high-quality coffee in 23 departments.

Colombian Coffee diversity

From the north to the south we have a great variety of climates, topographies and cultures that allow us to produce fresh coffees all year round with unique cup profiles. The natural wealth and biodiversity make Colombia a Land of Diversity of coffees.

Región Norte
Región Centro
Región Sur

We carefully select the coffee beans according to their size to create the perfect preparation in the milling process.

Supremo Screen 18

Green coffee retained by screen 18 with a 5% tolerance of beans retained by screen 14.

Supremo Screen 17

Green coffee retained by screen 17 with a 5% tolerance of beans retained by screen 14.

Extra – Screen 16

Green coffee retained by screen 16 with a 5% tolerance of beans retained by screen 14.

Europe – Screen 15

Green coffee retained by screen 15 with a 5%-10% tolerance of beans retained by screen 12.

UGQ – Screen 14

Green coffee retained by screen 14 with a 1.5%-5% tolerance of beans retained by screen 12.

Caracol (PeaBerry)

Large, medium-sized and small snail-shaped coffee beans with a tolerance of up to 10% of flat beans.

With a sustainable and quality approach, we offer coffees that impact the well-being of coffee-growing families and the environment.

Empowering through a passion for coffee

We are proud to present our line of coffee produced solely by Colombian women.

To be in line with our customers’ needs, we use the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) cupping protocol, a universal and international language that, in sensory analysis, allows the unification of criteria and calibration to find the best coffees in Colombia and the world.

We have coffee of different profiles, with cup scores from 80+ points to 90+ points.

We offer high-quality coffee of different profiles and from different origins, carefully selected for our customers.

We customize packing according to your needs and requirements.

Fique bags

Made of 100% biodegradable natural fiber, in different sizes that fit the customer’s needs.

70kg | 35kg | 25kg
In bulk

Our coffee shipped in bulk is protected by a 20ft-container Jumbo Liner made of propylene fabric, which protects the load from moisture and contaminants.

Big Bag

Packing in 1,000-kg bags, ideal for efficient logistics.

Vacuum packing

The ideal solution for preserving coffee properties such as aroma and flavor for longer periods.

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