About us

In 1927, the Colombian coffee growers joined together to create an organization that would represent them nationally and internationally, work for their well-being and improve their quality of life.

In this way the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) was born, seen today as one of the largest rural NGOs in the world. Our FNC is a non-profit organization, and is not affiliated with any political party.

National Coffee Fund

The National Coffee Fund (FoNC) is a parafiscal account, fed mainly by the coffee contribution (tax) paid for each pound of coffee exported, which allows financing the public goods and services that benefit all Colombian coffee growers, such as the purchase guarantee, scientific and technological research, the technical assistance provided by the Extension Service, and the promotion and marketing activities that have contributed to positioning Café de Colombia as the best mild washed coffee in the world.


We are a private and federated entity; therefore, we have an administrative structure and a union one.

Where we are

We have departmental and municipal committees in all rural areas of the country where coffee is produced. Our headquarters is located in Bogotá DC, and we have representation offices in the United States, the Netherlands, Japan and China, key markets for Colombian coffee.


Professor Yarumo

Juan Valdez

The ambassador of Colombian coffee growers and coffee in the world. It symbolizes the values and traditions of the coffee culture.

Our Recognitions

In the Federation we have managed to demonstrate management capacity, transparency and professionalism in everything we do, and this has been recognized nationally and internationally.

Our history

Since 1927, the Federation has played a leading role in the history of Colombia, not only for the importance of coffee in economic growth in most of the twentieth century, but also for its contribution to rural development in more than half of the municipalities of the country.