What do we do



To work for the well-being of Colombian coffee growers through an effective union, democratic and representative organization.

By 2027, at the FNC we will consolidate ourselves as a prosperous and effective union that works for an empowered coffee grower, who makes the best decisions for their economic and social development, respecting the environment.

What we do

In addition to representing the interests of Colombian coffee growers both nationally and internationally, at FNC we do the following activities:

We offer Colombian coffee growers the purchase guarantee

We promote consumption of Colombian coffee

Through an extensive network of cooperatives – key allies – we guarantee producers the permanent purchase of their coffee at the best base market price, calculated transparently, paid in cash, in places close to their farms and throughout the entire year.

Our goal is to position Colombian coffee in the national and international markets as a great consumption experience because it is a product highly sought after by customers and final consumers. This is due to its high quality standards and the wonderful stories behind Colombian coffee-growing families.

We do research and transfer technology

Colombian coffee growers, through the FNC, have the National Coffee Research Center (Cenicafé), which generates competitive and sustainable knowledge and technologies focused on increasing productivity, competitiveness and profitability of the country’s coffee farming, which are then transferred to all coffee growers through the Extension Service.

We develop rural extension

Through educational processes and through the Extension Service we make transfer of technology to coffee growers easier, contributing to profitability of coffee farming and the well-being of producers, their families and communities, promoting participation in technical, economic, environmental and social programs.

We manage partnerships and projects with excellence

Thanks to the efficiency and transparency with which the FNC executes projects for coffee growers in the economic, social, environmental and governance dimensions, we have become a key partner of public and private, national and international entities in implementing projects that impact the well-being and development of large rural areas of the country.

We guarantee Colombian coffee quality

By delegation of the national Government and in accordance with Law 9 of 1991, Chapter XIII of Decree 1165 of 2019, provisions of Decree 1714 of 2009 of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, and Regulatory Resolution No. 05 of 2015 of the National Coffee Growers Committee, the FNC is the entity in charge of keeping the National Register of Coffee Exporters and establishing the requirements for registration of roasters, millers and soluble coffee factories in Colombia.

How we do it

At the FNC we act within the framework of the highest values, ethical principles and international standards; we have an organizational culture with a high vocation of service to Colombian coffee growers.

Our governance model, policies, rules and procedures enable us to be an organization recognized for its transparent actions and commitment to creating value to its different stakeholders.

As a democratic and participatory union, we solve our challenges at the national, departmental and municipal levels through concerted and collective action.


We are mainly governed by the regulations set forth in:

Code of Ethics and Good Governance

National Coffee Fund Administration Contract

Ethical principles and values

FNC organizational attributes

National Coffee Fund

The National Coffee Fund (FoNC) is a parafiscal account, fed mainly by the coffee contribution (tax) paid for each pound of coffee exported, which allows financing the public goods and services that benefit all Colombian coffee growers, such as the purchase guarantee, scientific and technological research, the technical assistance provided by the Extension Service, and the promotion and marketing activities that have contributed to positioning Café de Colombia as the best mild washed coffee in the world.