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In 1927, the Colombian coffee growers joined together to create an organization that would represent them nationally and internationally, work for their well-being and improve their quality of life.




Colombian coffee production grows 22% in September

This indicator has been normalizing along with export flows In the same month, coffee exports grew 23% to almost 1.1 million 60-kg bags of green coffee from the 887,000 bags exported in September 2020. Bogotá, October 5, 2021 (FNC Press Office)– In September, coffee production in Colombia, the world’s largest… Ver más

Colombian coffee production falls 16% in August

Given the methodology that the FNC has always used to estimate production based on volume exported, domestic consumption, change in inventories and coffee imports, the behavior observed as of August is mainly due to logistical problems in coffee exports – as a result of the public order issues in May and June.
By considering historical data, the calculation is still an approximation of the real production registered in the months affected by blockages. Ver más

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