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Based on the four sustainability dimensions of its value strategy

“The current pandemic urgently reminds us about our responsibility as producers, marketers and consumers for a more respectful and harmonious relationship with nature,” the FNC CEO, Roberto Vélez, said.

Bogotá, June 10, 2020 (FNC Press Office) – With the aim of raising awareness among its different audiences, including coffee growers, employees and other stakeholders, the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) launched today a national campaign that will also make its environmental achievements more visible.

Based on the four dimensions of its value strategy (economic, social, environmental and governance), the FNC, all its branches and companies have shown important progress in environmental matters for several years, which are worth highlighting especially in the face of the current climate emergency, in which everyone’s awareness is crucial for generating change.

An example of this is that, thanks to successive technologies of ecological processing, coffee production in Colombia saves more and more water (over 850 million liters a year) and pollutes less. Or under the concept of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA), Colombian coffee farming captures 5.2 times the carbon it emits.

Another example showing that economic concerns are not at odds with environmental ones is that in 2018 the Buencafé freeze-dried coffee factory saved COP 3,9 billion (USD 1.3 million) by using coffee grounds as fuel for its boilers, an eloquent circular economy model that saves costs and helps improve profitability of producers.

And what about the 3,250 hectares of biodiversity conservation corridors established in coffee regions by 2019, improving the wildlife habitat and strengthening connectivity of remnants of native forests.

We all can be multiplier agents of good practices

But given the climate and waste management emergency that the planet is facing, and very much in line with its 100-100 Plan to achieve 100% sustainable coffee farming when the FNC turns 100 years old in 2027, it wants to redouble efforts in environmental matters.

In waste management, we will intensify communications and interactions with our audiences to change behaviors, generate less waste, promote segregation at the source, separate collection, and better recycling.

This will help our own employees and stakeholders become multiplier agents to achieve greater environmental sustainability. At the same time, the FNC will take advantage of its great capacity for dialogue and coordination with different public and private actors to seek synergies.