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Within the framework of the 90th National Congress of Coffee Growers, the highest authority and body of deliberation of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC), its CEO, Roberto Vélez, made his position available to the FNC and the national Government.
During this Coffee Grower Congress, the CEO announced historic results, such as a crop value of COP 14.5 trillion (USD 3.6 billion) in the coffee year, January-October exports worth USD 3.75 billion, an average domestic purchase price paid by the FNC between January and September of COP 2.44 million per load, and record premiums for specialty coffees of COP 32.68 billion.
“This step aside opens a space so that, in harmony with the current Government, the FNC continues working for the well-being of the 540,000 coffee grower families in the country, the raison d’être of the coffee institutions. I am leaving a united FNC, a Steering Committee that knows how to work as a team and has a clear institutional direction, a National Congress of Coffee Growers that knows where it is going and promotes long-term policies,” Vélez added.
The FNC leader said that this announcement begins an orderly and deliberative succession process, by virtue of which the National Congress of Coffee Growers will elect the new CEO in the coming months, always thinking of the best for coffee growers, to continue directing the FNC and the sector on the path of growth and sustainability, as confirmed today by the good results.
Bogota, December 2, 2022