At the FNC we have shown management capacity, transparency and professionalism in everything we do, and this has been recognized nationally and internationally. 


FNC receives the Simón Bolívar Business Merit Award

Nov 2019

The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) received the Simón Bolívar Business Merit Award in the Persevering Company category. Remaining relevant for over nine decades, being the most important agricultural union in Colombia, the largest rural NGO in the world, being present in 22 of the 32 departments of the country, and representing over 540,000 coffee-growing families are some of the strengths of the FNC that made it worthy of this award.


Inter-American Dialogue recognizes the FNC's work in gender equity

Nov 2019

Inter-American Dialogue, one of the most important hemispheric think tanks in Washington, recognized the work of the FNC in ​​female empowerment and gender equity by granting it the “Leadership for the Americas” Award.


The FNC's work in improving occupational safety and health management in the coffee sector is recognized

June 2019

Award granted by the Ibero-American Social Security Organization (OISS). “This recognition makes us feel proud, because the FNC has worked decisively to improve occupational health and safety of Colombian coffee growers, which includes promoting a social protection floor in the sector,” the FNC CEO, Roberto Vélez Vallejo, said. 


FNC, the union with the best reputation in Colombia

May 2019

According to the Reputation Institute, the world's leading Spanish consulting company, the FNC is Colombia’s union with the highest reputation. With a score of 73.6 points out of 100, the FNC is considered the union with the best reputation in the country, compared to 11 other unions analyzed.

  • The FNC wins the Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Standard-Setters Award
  • The Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) awards the 2018 Leadership Medal of Merit to the FNC
  • Manos al Agua receives the SCA Sustainability Award
  • An ILO study highlights the advances in Colombia's coffee sector in occupational safety and health
  • Almacafé receives the National Exporters Award
  • Manos al Agua wins the Planeta Azul Award in the business category
  • FNC is invited to visit the Global Seed Vault, in Svalbard, near the North Pole
  • Brazil’s Agriculture Minister describes as historic the visit of the FNC CEO
  • The president of Coca Cola Japan highlights the positive results of partnering with the FNC
  • Global leaders praise the FNC's work on gender equity in the coffee sector
  • The FNC is awarded the Great Order of Exporting Merit
  • Recognition to the FNC Intellectual Property team
  • Best performance in the Environmental category - Andesco
  • Finalist in the Best Market Environment category - Andesco
  • Finalist in the Best Corporate Governance category - Andesco
  • DG AGRI of the European Commission recognizes Café de Colombia at Expo Milan
  • The brand strategy of the Coffee Cultural Landscape is presented in Europe as a world reference (symposium)
  • Colombian coffee is the most recognized origin in the USA, according to the NCA
  • Better Than Cash highlights the Smart Coffee ID Card as a model of rural financial inclusion
  • The FNC is invited by the EU delegation to present its intellectual property strategy in Japan
  • President of Dunkin' Brands recognizes the quality and consistency of Colombian coffee
  • At the ASIC conference, international experts highlight the coffee science contributions of Colombia and Cenicafé
  • The Netherlands’ Queen highlights the FNC's financial inclusion model of the Smart Coffee ID Card

Recognitions and accreditations