To ensure continuous coffee supply to international markets and based on provisions of Decree 1714 of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and Regulatory Resolution No. 05 of 2015 of the National Committee of Coffee Growers, natural persons or legal entities that want to export green or processed coffee shall register as coffee exporters in the National Register of Coffee Exporters administered by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation.

The requirements are set forth in Resolution 05 of 2015 of the National Coffee Growers Committee. With this resolution, the regulations for the registration procedures and for control and administration of the National Register of Coffee Exporters of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation, as administrator of the National Coffee Fund, are adopted.

Export coffee quality regulations:

Export green coffee quality regulations:

Exports to Japan

Medidas obligatorias de prevención para el control y autocontrol aplicadas a la exportación de café verde en almendra con destino al mercado japonés.

Register as an exporter

Please take into account that, in addition to submitting the form, the applicant natural person or legal entity must attach:

  • Certificate of Existence and Legal Representation of the legal entity or Commercial Register Certificate of the natural person issued by the corresponding Chamber of Commerce at most thirty (30) calendar days before the application filing date.
  • Photocopy of Unique Tax Register (RUT).
  • Photocopy of the ID of the natural person or, for legal entities, of the company’s legal representative.
  • For the references listed on the form, original document from one (1) bank, issued at most thirty (30) calendar days before the application filing date, describing the financial and commercial behavior of the applicant as to the commitments made to it;
  • If it is the case, original power of attorney that the applicant has granted for the application subscription and filing, along with the copy of the representative’s ID.
This registration has no cost before the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation.
Send your inquiries to the email: Ici.Registro@cafedecolombia.


Coffee Portal

In compliance with current regulations, the Federation developed an application that allows exporters to register ads for the sale of coffee for export and the payment of the coffee contribution.

Remember that the username and password is assigned by the Federation, only to registered exporters.

Coffee Portal


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