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In compliance with current customs regulations, Chapter XIII of Decree 1165 of 2019 and Regulatory Resolution No. 01 of 2012 by the National Coffee Growers Committee, the FNC is the entity in charge of keeping the National Register of the Coffee Industry and setting the requirements for registration of roasters, millers and soluble coffee factories in the country.

Register as a miller:

Documents for registration:

  • Chamber of Commerce, no older than 30 days (it must contain the Invima registration and the economic activity related to coffee).
  • Form of registration as a miller, filled out and with the handwritten signature of the legal representative.

This registration has no cost before the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation.

For renewing the registration, you must send the form every year between January 1 and April 30 to the following email:

Send your inquieries to the same email address.

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Register as a Miller