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In 1927, the Colombian coffee growers joined together to create an organization that would represent them nationally and internationally, work for their well-being and improve their quality of life.




The FNC announces national, departmental and municipal measures to prevent spread of coronavirus (COVID-19)

It implements national campaign “Everybody’s health is everybody’s business.” Ver más

The FNC contributes first 240,000 trees to Colombia’s national reforestation goal

• As part of its successful forestry and environmental program, in line with the efforts of the current Government, the FNC will contribute to the reforestation goal with the commitment to the nation that it has always shown. Ver más


Jairo Díaz

Jairo Díaz

Cauca coffee farmer

“The Extension Service is the soul and backbone of the work we do as coffee growers on our farms; it is the continued support and guidance that we have to apply the latest technology. My parents were coffee growers, but we grew coffee in the traditional way; when the extension team arrived, it allowed us to make a big change and have a much safer and more viable farm.”

Juan Acuña

Juan Acuña

Sevilla coffee grower, in Valle del Cauca

“When we decide to grow coffee, we must keep in mind that we must be environmentally sustainable; in reforestation, we must seek to establish a conservation corridor, with native trees, over the basins and rivers.”

Julieth Mera

Julieth Mera

Cauca coffee grower

“The FNC elections allow us, as coffee growers, to choose our leaders and representatives and are key to define our future and that of our coffee union.”